Utthan Training Module Odisha 2019, Utthan Programme in Odisha Handbook

Odisha Utthan Scheme, The utthan scheme was started by Odisha government in 2018. The Odisha government launched two learning enhancement programmers (LEP) – ujjwal for classes 1st-5th and utthan for classes 6th-8th to make better learning outcomes.

This scheme was implemented by the odisha state PRIMARY EDUCATION PROGRAMME AUTHORITY. Through this scheme the government wants to introduce on various elementary level school state wide after summer vacations. 

It is divided into two phases:-18th June 2018 – 31st July 2018 and 1st August 2018. 

According to reports, approximately 1.41lakh teachers were trained during the training programmed, to help the students in a better direction.

The authority have created special workbooks and distributed those to all the schools for carrying out utthan programme. The uttan scheme launched list of uttan books –

1. Utthan odia 6/7/8

2. Utthan odia 6

3. Utthan odia 7+8

4. Utthan English 6/7/8

5. Utthan English 6

6. Utthan English 7+8

7. Utthan maths 6/7/8

8. Utthan maths 6

9. Utthan maths 7+8

10. Utthan Science 6

11. Utthan Science 7+8

-Uttan scheme is an educational boosting type scheme for the elementary schools. 

The ujjwal scheme will be implemented for primary classes 1st to 5th. And the uttan scheme will be implemented for classes 6th to 8th.

– As per the government, the scheme will help in raise the level of knowledge for students and improve their performance for the betterment of students.

-The scheme has been developed with an aim to offer benefit to all the students within the state.

-To make the process of implementation more better the state education department has been focusing on developmental stage for the past few months.

-As a part of the training programmed teachers were also provided with workbooks for note taking and implementation of the scheme.

-under the scheme the government expects that the learning outcomes for each and every student in the state schools will improve as per their grade level.

For the betterment of students, the odisha education authority introduced these educational booster schemes, which help the students in their studies and in improving the knowledge with the Special created books and note as per their grade level. 

The odisha state government had started these schemes for the better education and improving the skills of the students within state. 

By these schemes the educational authority launched many books for the students and subject covered: odia, maths, English, Science. 

According to the report, the number of teachers had trained before the school opened after the summer vacation and in large number of teachers attended the training programmed. It also expected that the scheme will impact the learning efficiency of students.

The government has prepared learning indicators for the children’s The educational department says, in order to promote good quality education across the State, it is proposed that all education officers of the department with supervising authority will have to adopt at least two schools and supervise the schools as per the guidelines indicated. 

The government provided free study materials to the students. As a part of the program it is expected that the government will try and provide with world class educational facilities to the students of the state.