Odisha Utkarsh Scheme 2019

Odisha Utkarsh Scheme 2019, This project is imitated by Moinee Foundation. Moine Foundation is an educational trust established in 2012 with a mission to support “Right to Quality Education”. So the ODHISA UTKARSH PROJECT was basically fot e-learning where it teaches the technology to the government school students.

It was first launched in Rajasthan in 2013 collaborating with District Collectors, Edu. Dept and Local CSR partners as they activated the computer labs in all the government schools.

It was first started in Udaipur district with 12+ schools and after that it start getting success as it reached over 1700+ schools across 13 districts of 4 states, covering Hindi and Marathi medium boards (as of March 2019). It succeeded because it had a unique approach.

This project converts government school computer lab with the smart classes with the help of Quiz Academy platform which attract 5 lakh students of class 8th, 9th, 10th.

Key Objectives of Project Utkarsh are:-

  1. It is a self learning app which creates its own study material, provides its own material to students and provide interactive tools to students by its own.
  2. It makes studying fun and interesting for students and for teachers by giving interactive tools to teachers so they can interact with students in a fun way. And by providing online assignments to students so they can have fun doing assignment on technology as nowadays student love technology. 
  3. In this project they not only keep students on monitoring but also to teachers that they are doing their work seriously or not. They keep checked it by remote monitoring to teachers and students.
  4. As we know that in today’s life there is too much of competition in every sector and student and take completions seriously. So this project took advantage of this and they kept quantitative data to create qualitative performance benchmarking of Students, Teachers as well as school. Which motivate student and teacher both to work hard on their part.
  5. This project increased the usage of computers and tablets which increases the scientific temperament of Students, Teachers and Administrators.
  6. It facilitates users to play, create, contribute and share quizzes on any subject matter.
  7. It records all the activities (No. of Quizzes played, Time-Taken, User-Engagement etc.) of users and provides real time feedback on performance.
  8.  It is a light weight online learning platform for quiz based learning system.

 In achieving our goals Moinee Systems  is the key sponsor, which is technology and consulting firm with a focus on education & energy efficiency domain.

Odisha Utkarsh Scheme 2019

Odisha Utkarsh Scheme 2019 is one of the best e-learning program which is provided to fast and accuracy education platform where student can get maximum quality education.