Odisha Sahaya Scheme 2019

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The literal meaning of Sahaya is help. Through this Sahaya scheme the government of Odisha wants to help the poor and needy people of the state. 

The medical conditions of the state of Odisha are very bad. So in order to improve the health care facilities in the state, the state government is taking some major steps. 

These steps include providing free medical care through the various schemes launched by the state. These various schemes include Ama clinic scheme, Nidan scheme, Anmol scheme, and this Sahaya scheme.

Under the implementation of the Sahaya scheme the government is planning on providing free dialysis treatment to the patients. 

The dialysis treatment is a very expensive treatment. The economically backward section of the state cannot afford this treatment. 

Also the case of dialysis patients is increasing day by day in the state. So in order to control the situation and help the poor, the government has decided to launch this Sahaya scheme. 

These dialysis machines will only be implemented in the government regulated hospitals and community health centers. 

The government is planning to start this scheme from 1st January 2018.

As per a survey report conducted by the state government of Odisha, hundreds of people go to the hospitals for the dialysis treatment. 

But due to the less number of machines available at the hospital, the patients cannot take the treatment.  

Some machines available are not fully functional. So to improve the health care facilities, the government will provide free dialysis machine to the government authorized hospitals.

Along with this Sahaya scheme many others schemes has been launched by the state.

The health department of the state will regulate the schemes including free diagnosis, free dialysis and free consultation from the specialist doctors.

Key features of this scheme:

The major features of the Sahaya scheme are as follows:

  • The Sahaya scheme was launched with the main aim of providing free dialysis treatment to the economically backward people of the state.
  • A total of 127 dialysis machines will be installed across the state.
  • The state government will install the machines at 25 district headquarter hospitals and community health care centers.
  • The dialysis machines under this scheme will be installed under PPP (Public private partnership) basis.
  • These machines will be installed in Cuttack district. 
  • The community centre is the place decided by the government where these machines will be installed.
  • These machines should be operable by the march 2018.
  • After the installation, a trail test will be conducted on the machines. After receiving the results of the test, the machines will start their operation at the above mentioned district.

Budget allotted for the Sahaya scheme:

A fixed budget is not installed for this project. Although a total amount of 600 crore is allotted for the implementation of Nidan scheme and Sahaya scheme. 

This allotted amounted is to be utilized under the duration of 5 years.