Odisha Mukhyamantri Kalakar Sahayata Yojana List 2019

Odisha Mukhyamantri Kalakar Sahayata Yojana List 2019, Odisha Mukhyamantri Kalakar Sahayata Yojana

Art and culture is one of the most important cultures of every country and every country has its own unique art and culture. Art and culture includes Dancing, Painting etc.

And every artist also has different way to projecting his talent. And India is having one of the most ancient cultures in the world and our culture is also ethical.

India is also having heritage monuments which also describe our culture. Many people from abroad come to our country to visit the historical places as every historic monument has its own story. s

               This scheme is mainly for artists of Orissa State. As every artist is unique in his own field and they also represent our country in the world. So, Odisha government has tried to give them some financial assistance to them. 

                   This scheme is launched on 15 January 2018 .This scheme is only valid for artists belonging to Orissa State. Through this Scheme, the government will give financial assistance in the form of pension of Rs.1200 per month. In this scheme the age limit of Males is 50 Years and that of Females is 40 Years will be eligible to get financial assistance from Orissa government. 

                 Under this scheme, 50,000 artists of state were benefited in 2018. Through this government is working on the welfare of the artists.

              The main aim of this yojana is to encourage the art, culture and heritage . State has also increased the amount of pension from 1000/- to 1200/- and initially only 40000 people were benefited from this scheme but now 50000 people are benefited from this scheme .By this step taken by government artists also feel some amount of security from government and they will also feel encouraged at the same time as they are helping to preserve the culture of our country and also presenting it in world .


  1. To encourage all the artists in the state, the odisha government plans this yojana.
  2. And for implementation purposes, the government of odisha also allotted budget.
  3. All the eligible artists in the State are going to receive the monthly pension from the government.
  4. From this sarkari yojana 50000 people will be benefitted 
  5. The odisha state government increase the pension amount from 1000/- to 1200/- .
  6. The government of odisha state made some exemptions such as Male artists age is reduced to 50 years from 60 years and for females it was reduced to 40 years from 50 years.
  7. District Culture Council is going to look after all the works of this yojana.
  8. The district council are going to list out the eligible people for this scheme.
  9. This will also reduce the financial struggles of the artists.
  10.  Government is hoping to encourage the artists and heritage through this yojana.

This whole work of this yojana is taken care by District Cultural Council. Therefore, now the district cultural council will select the eligible people from all the districts. CM of made this announcement from the benefits of the artists in the state.

Through this yojana, the government of odisha is expecting to help around 50000 artists. And the government of mentioned that the benefits of this yojana is only for the citizens of the odisha state.

The main objective of this scheme is to provide financial assistance to those people who are helping to keep our art, culture and heritage alive.