Odisha Mahaprayan Yojana 2019

Odisha Mahaprayan Yojana 2019, Odisha Mahapranay Yojana

We are human beings we are immortal we took birth and one day we will no longer be in this world. “Death” is the most uncertain thing because nobody can decide or predict the death of a person. 

We as humans have feelings and emotions attached to every person and in every situation. And “Birth” and “Death” are two of the most emotional moments of a person’s life. 

With birth feelings of happiness and joy is attached but with death feelings of sadness and sorrow is attached. 

One incident has taken place in Odisha which was covered by the media and after that incident government of Odisha decided to launch this scheme. 

This incident took place in Bhawani, Patna District. In district headquarter hospital and there is one lady who is suffering from tuberculosis but eventually she died. 

After that, the hospital authorities deny to arrange an ambulance to carry her dead body to her place. 

So, her husband took her body on shoulder and walk 10km from hospital to his home. This incident is shown by the media and then this scheme is implemented. 

This scheme is launched in February before this incident took place but implemented after this incident. 

In this scheme government will provide vehicle that would carry dead bodies from the hospital to the house of the deceased at free of cost. 

This scheme is implemented in whole Odisha state and this scheme is monitored by General Administration and Health and family welfare departments.

Then the department requested Collectors to collect all the Dead body Carriers and brand it as CMRF and make it available for the 

people under the scheme According to the scheme around 40 carrier vehicles are to be collected for 30 of the district headquarter hospitals.

This Scheme is launched by the Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik r at Bajapur along with the several has been launched. 

The main of this scheme is to provide vehicle to the deceased person.

There are some people who belong to weaker sections of the society so they can’t afford treatment and vehicle for the dead body. 

So, for them, the government has decided to take a step forward and give these facilities free of cost so that they didn’t have to depend on anybody.

With an annual death rate of 8.4 percent per 1000 people every year according to 2016 Economic survey. 

Health officials argue that the state needs at least 1600 more vehicles at these health centres to meet the demand. 

But Odisha is the state where there is a doctor for 1700 patients against the WHO norm of for 1000 such infrastructural issues take a backseat.

Even a Mahaprayan due to lack of adequate quantity of vehicles , respective district collectors can sanction money to the poor for carrying the dead in private vehicles under the Red Cross fund or chief minister’s relief fund. 

     There are times when opposition also stood against this scheme opposite that this scheme is not the original idea of chief minister but it is the copied scheme of Harish Chandra Yojana and this scheme was also not successful so this scheme will also fail but the majority of poor people think that this scheme is very helpful for them as they do afford so much expense.