Odisha Free Smartphone Yojana for Women Farmers

Odisha Free Smartphone Yojana 2019 for Women Farmers registration form and learn how to apply for smartphones yojana 2019 online in Odisha.

Odisha Free Smartphone Yojana for Women Farmers

Nowadays Smartphones are the most basic technical instrument used by everyone. Smartphones are very useful to individuals in many ways. Like for example with the help of Smartphone the farmers can see the weather update for their crops. They can also use the Smartphone for availing the latest benefit provided to them by the government. Smartphones are very useful for the persons who are working in agricultural fields. 

But because of the lack of education the framers cannot avail the benefit of this technology. For removing this inefficiency out of farmer’s life the government has taken many steps. One such step is the free Smartphone Yojana launched by the Odisha government for the female farmers of the state.

This Yojana is specially designed for the women farmers. With the induction of this Yojana the women farmers of the Odisha state will feel empowered. This Yojana will also help create awareness among the other states to launch some similar projects for the upliftment of the farmers of the country.

The Odisha government has taken a major step toward filling a major gap between farmers and technological tools through this Yojana. Previously this Yojana was only launched for male farmers. But as the government sees a major improvement in the working of the farmers, the government has also decided to launch the same scheme for women agriculture workers. 

Features of this Yojana:

  • This Yojana will help the women farmers in increasing their crop productivity.
  • The basic aim of this Yojana is women empowerment.
  • The women farmers will also get the latest agricultural news from the agriculture department of India.
  • The weather information will also be provided through this facility. By using this facility the farmers can do the work on their crops accordingly.
  • This Yojana will also help the small and marginal farmers to get the latest update for their prices in the crop market.
  • The farmers will also benefit from the other schemes launched by the Odisha government for the welfare of the farmers.
  • According to the survey organized by the Odisha government the population of the female farmers in the state is very less. So the implementation of this scheme will be easy. Also the same survey concluded that a total population of 70 percent female farmers will be benefited from this Yojana.

Eligibility for the Yojana:

In order to avail the benefits of this free Smartphone Yojana, the applicant must fulfill the following requirements.

  • Only the female farmers will get the benefit of this scheme.
  • The female farmers availing the benefit must be the residents of the state of Odisha.
  • Only the small farmers can avail the benefit of this Yojana. The owners of the big farmlands will not get the benefit of this Yojana.

Documents required for the Yojana:

  • The legal residential papers of the farmer are required.
  • The identification proof like Aadhar card is required.
  • Only the women farmers are applicable to the benefit. The papers claiming the same should be provided.
  • The kisan credit card should also be presented.