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In India the poverty rate is much higher than in other countries. So, many people do not have enough money to cure themselves from harmful diseases. So, the Odisha government has decided to provide them some medical assistance .As there is a saying “Health is Wealth”. If a person is healthy then he can work and generate some income for his family and it will decrease the rate of unemployment in the country.

We all have observed that because of health issues many infants, women’s lost their lives just because many private hospitals demands for money which they cannot afford and sometimes proper facilities of hospitals in village is not also not available for poor people and by noticing all this issues Odisha government has decided to launch one scheme which can help poor people in getting medical assistance. 

                     Biju Krushak Kalyan Yojana is one of the most popular schemes in Odisha. This project offers financial assistance to the poor to meet their medical expenses. Beneficiaries will attain cashless treatment in hospitals within the state borders. Insurance coverage amount for male beneficiaries will be a treatment coverage package of Rs. 5 Lakhs for all family members for one year. The treatment insurance coverage will be Rs. 10 lakhs if the applicable has been done by female members. Before, the scheme was updates, female applicants were supposed to receive Rs. 7 lakhs worth coverage.     


    Some of the features of this program are:

  1. This Scheme helps poor people to get proper medical treatment.
  2. This Scheme is part of UHC (Universal Health Care) project.
  3. Free treatment for all.
  4. Insurance Coverage amount.
  5. For all family sizes.
  6. Secondary and Tertiary ailment treatment.
  7. Inclusion of surgeries.
  8. Treatment for serious ailments.
  9. Treatment in listed hospitals.
  10. Additional travel allowance for patients.
  11. Treatment in other states.


  1. Resident of Odisha: This Scheme will enable only legal residents of the state to apply for the medical insurance benefits. 
  2. BPL applicants.
  3. APL candidates as well
  4. Biju Krushak Kalyan Yojana beneficiaries.
  5. Not for tax paying households.
  6. Annual Income category.
  7. No government or corporate employees. 
  8. Identification documents.

For better implementation of this scheme, all states and private hospitals have already established a swasthya kalyan mitra counter. Beneficiaries can come in and show that smart cards. Then the agents will check the details and help in the admission of beneficiary. The Insurance scheme is renewable and the premium amount will also be paid by the Odisha government. Therefore it is safe to comment that the authority has ensured adequate medical treatments for common people.