Maharashtra bpl list 2019, Maharashtra ration card, Maharashtra bpl ration card list

Maharashtra bpl list 2019, Maharashtra ration card, Maharashtra bpl ration card list 2019,

As we all know that BPL card is a very important legal document. It is also used for our identification or address proof. 

Now Maharashtra Government has developed the technology, so that now there are digital BPL cards. 

The aim of this is to provide food and other important items in a reasonable price to poor section of the society. 

Now, In Maharashtra, the digital ration card is available now, we can apply for ration card online. 

As per, we all know that state Government issues a BPL ration card.  In the state each and every person has a right under NFSA to apply for ration card. 

Through this the BPL citizens can obtain profits of the schemes given by the Maharashtra Government. Not only schemes BPL ration card holder obtain ration in a subsidized Price also. 

In Maharashtra, you can apply for online ration card also. If you are from Maharashtra, so this information is very beneficial for you.

Maharashtra bpl list 2019

 Benefits of online ration card in Maharashtra:

  • 1. Now applying for BPL card is easier, from online method we can apply within minutes. 
  • 2. Their is no need to keep copy of BPL card with us, because now our card is online secured on portal.  
  • 3. Through this online scheme of Maharashtra Government now the BPL list citizens have easy way to apply and to also check their name in list by sitting home.

Some important rules of Maharashtra regarding BPL card:

1. The family annual income less than 20,000 are said to be eligible for BPL cards. 

2. BPL card is given when their annual income is as less as described otherwise they can not apply for BPL card.

Maharashtra Government has launched schemes so the BPL citizens obtain the profits.  

Maharashtra Government has launched the scheme named ‘ bhagyashri scheme’ for the female child from the BPL families. 

As per the scheme Maharashtra government has decided to Transfer amount 21,200 in the BPL families, where girl child is born under this 

Scheme it was also said that when the girl gets mature or above 18 years 100000 rupee will be provided. 

‘Beti Bachao beti padhao’ scheme was also launched in Maharashtra.

The aim of this scheme was to empower the girl child and to ensure protection of girl child education in the country.

Manjeet Kanya Bhagyashree scheme was launched under which Maharashtra government has decided to give one girl child amount rupees 50000 and for 2 child amount of rupees 25000, these benefits are only for the families annual income areas as government has described.

BAL sangopanYojana was also launched by Maharashtra government under which if parents are not able to care for their child due to the reason of that illness death etc. 

so for a particular time a child is given to a family who need a child for sometime amount of rupees 425 is provided to that family each month through the NGOs.

All we have seen that how many benefit BPL card holders can obtain

Eligibility of BPL in Maharashtra

1. Family should have annual income 15000 less than it.

2. Any of the members from that family should not be lawyer, doctor, architect or and character accountant etc.

3. The family should not have a four wheeler.

4. Any member from the family should not be eligible to pay tax.

If any person migrates from one state to another at that point the portion applies for a new ration card.

If any new child is born in a family so the name of the child should be mentioned in Ration card.

Government of Maharashtra has decided to distribute food grains at affordable rate to BPL for the Welfare of the state.