Jammu and Kashmir BPL List 2019, Jammu and Kashmir Ration Card 2019, Jammu and Kashmir BPL Ration Card List

Jammu and Kashmir BPL Ration Card List, Jammu and Kashmir BPL List 2019, Jammu and Kashmir Ration Card 2019,

BPL means below poverty line. In this the citizens of Jammu Kashmir which are under below poverty line come. As we know, BPL is a type of ration card.

BPL Ration card

Most of the sector of ration card come under the BPL sector, It is to alleviate poverty and to provide food to the below poverty citizens at subsidized price.

Now, the Government of Jammu Kashmir had decided to provide health insurance to the families which come under the BPL line.

It was announced that around 60 to 70 thousand families are yet announced to get health insurance.

The government of jammu kashmir had launched the scheme of Ashtray Swasthayojna, under which the citizens under BPL list have to pay a nominee fees of rupees 30 and then they can obtain the profit of the scheme in which they will receive a health insurance of 30,000.

For now, this scheme is launched in Jammu Kashmir but it was also announced that in around 1 year this scheme will be launched in some other districts also. 

This scheme is launched for the first time in Jammu Kashmir. This is very beneficial for BPL list citizens; by this they got much help.

Citizen comes under BPL list firstly registered their name by paying nominee fees of rupees 30 after that they can obtain the profit of this scheme.

Jammu kashmir government had launched schemes so that poor’s got some help.

BPL card is very beneficial for poor’s, Government launch many schemes.

BPL card benefits in Jammu Kashmir

Government of Jammu Kashmir has provided many benefits to BPL list citizens some are as follows:

1. As per the information, Government of Jammu Kashmir had decided to provide marriage assistance fund to the women who are unable to earn their livelihood and belong from family of BPL.

2. The schemes name ‘Sukanya samridhi scheme’ was launched so that the Girl child education and marriage expenses can get some discount.

3. Discount in Ration of house, by this the families which are under BPL line can obtain a profit of Ration like kerosene, rice, etc.

4. Jammu Kashmir Government has also launched the scheme of scholarship for the BPL students, so that they can improve their literacy and financial boost. It was heard that under this scheme around 5,000 students will get a scholarship every year for the next five years.

Through this we can see how much benefit the citizens of BPL can obtain, not only these schemes many are more.

It was also heard that many issues takes place during application of ration cards to BPL in Census 2011.

Process of getting BPL ration card in Jammu Kashmir

A. The person should be eligible for BPL ration card.


  • 1. The person should be a permanent resident of Jammu and Kashmir.
  • 2. The person should not have BPL card of any other state.
  • 3. The person’s income should be less that APL.
  • 4. Head of the family can apply.

B. Applying for BPL 

  • 1. The person has to fill and submit the given form.
  • 2. Address proof of the person is given.
  • 3. Identification proof of that person is given.
  • 4. Photograph of that person and family us submitted.

After submitting the form and all documents if our application is passed we can check our name in Bpl list online also.

If any wrong information or document is submitted than the BPL card to that family will not be issued.

In 2019 the Government of Jammu Kashmir has done some new changes:

  • 1. Now the fair prices shops are given license 
  • 2. LPG connection benefits are provided.
  • 3. Enquiry against corruption under these sectors is going on. And etc.

       Jammu & Kashmir BPL List 

BPL means below poverty line. This category belongs to those people who do not earn enough money to fulfil their basic needs. 

Government has set a standard of 27000/- per annual income and people who earn less than this standard comes under below poverty line and considered as BPL and people who earns more than this standard are termed as APL ie. Above Poverty Line.

                  Jammu & Kashmir is the state with the total population of 1.25 Cr. And 73% of the population of this state lives in rural areas. 

And the rate of BPL category people are increasing day by day in this state. 

Jammu & Kashmir holds 31th rank in BPL ranking two years ago but now it is holding the 29th rank as per current survey. Total percentage of BPL people living in this State Is 10.35%. 

                 Government is also putting step forward to help BPL people by starting some government programmes for the welfare of people and to fulfil basic necessities of daily life. Some of these Schemes are as follows:

  1. National food security Act:

This Scheme is implemented in whole state on 1st Feb. 2016. According to this Scheme every beneficiary will get 5 kg of food grains per month at highly subsidized rate by government. 

But people who are under the category of AAY will get 35kg of foodgrains per person per month because this category include poorest of poor people.

  1. Nai Manzil Scheme:

The Ministry of Minority Affairs to help the girls of Srinagar. This Scheme will provide Skill and development course to minority category girls. 

In this Scheme girls will be given three months training in seven sectors which are related to that region such as food processing, Computers etc.

And many such schemes are launched by the government to help the poor and weaker sections of the society. 

Not only these schemes but government has also started schemes in which poor people will get health insurance, money to fulfil basic needs etc. Some schemes are also launched to provide work to girls, women and people who are able to earn for them and their family. 

There are some documents which are required to apply for Ration card:

  1. For new Ration card, Deletion Certificate or an affidavit to prove that beneficiary is not having ration card is required.
  2. Aadhar Card.
  3. For adding any new member to the ration card different documents are required in different cases i.e. In case of marriage an affidavit that is required to prove that her name is deleted from her parents ration card ; If child is born than birth certificate is required.

                          Government also charge minimum fees to make ration card so that every family can afford it without any concern of money. 

And Ration card is important as by this card only they can access many schemes which are launched by the government. 

For making Ration card a fee of Rs.5 is charged by the concerned authority and for having copy duplicate Ration card a fee of Rs.5 is charged by authorities. 

                           Ration card application should be made through Panchayat  Pradhan and concerned authorities are the Inspector of FCS&CA are responsible.