Himachal Pradesh BPL List, Himachal Pradesh Ration Card List, Himachal Pradesh BPL Ration Card List 2019,

Himachal Pradesh BPL List, Himachal Pradesh Ration Card List, Himachal Pradesh BPL Ration Card List 2019,


Meaning of BPL List

BPL stands for below poverty line.  As the name sound it is for the citizens who are under below poverty Line.  Through BPL card government provides schemes to citizens come below poverty line.

It was informed to himachal Pradesh that the list of families who are under below poverty line will be updated at Gram Sabha meetings.

It was said that the Government of himachal Pradesh will be sent so that, the families who are eligible for BPL card, but still not having that will also obtain the schemes.

It was decided in the meeting that the families which are ineligible for BPL card, having their name in list, will be removed from that list as soon as possible, so the citizens who are eligible can obtain that.

Himachal Pradesh government had decided to adopt the proper mechanism,  so that the ineligible would be removed & eligible would find the opportunity to appeal or apply for the BPL card,  which is their human right. 

Government of Himachal Pradesh had said that “In 2008 & 2011″when BPL list was updated, 1, 56,669 families were wrongly included in BPL list.  

It was noticed that the citizens who have luxurious life are pretending to be poor & obtain the benefits of the schemes given to poor, whereas poor’s are not yet getting it. 

Now, the government of Himachal Pradesh has given a good facility to citizens so that they can apply for BPL card online.  As per we know that India is still a developing country, In now days, poverty level is very high. So, the government had introduced the BPL card for the poor citizen, so that they can obtain some special schemes & profits given by Government. 

Benefits of BPL list in himachal Pradesh: 

  • 1. Now, the citizens of himachal Pradesh can apply and check their name in BPL list online very easily. 
  • 2. Citizens which are under below poverty line also got benefits in Government job sector and their children can also obtain the benefits of BPL card. 
  • 3. Compared to before years, in 2019 there are more names in BPL list because many were not having BPL card, whereas they were eligible.

Process of applying BPL in himachal Pradesh online.

If we want to apply for BPL card online, we should have the following documents and eligibility which is described by himachal government. 

Now the process is as follows:

  • 1. Firstly that citizen who wants to apply had to visit PDS portal of India. 
  • 2. After that from the main menu we have to select state Government portal option.
  • 3. After that the state and Union territory portal window will be displayed on the screen. 
  • 4. Select your portal state or union territory after selecting the state or union territory which is selected will be displayed.  
  • 5. After that for applying online we should be ready with the scanned documents, Address proof, passport size of the head of the family, family photo & the documents which are mentioned. 
  • 6. After submitting the application with all scanned documents, we will get a number; we should save it for further references.

Processor of checking name in BPL list online: 

  • 1. Firstly for checking our name in BPL list, we have to open site, so for opening it we have to click on the given website name.  
  • 2. After checking on website, we will select our district name. 
  • 3. After filing all information we will click on submit button.  
  • By this processor, we can check our name in BPL list online. 

In Himachal Pradesh, the government had launched many schemes for the citizens came under BPL list, so that they can obtain some profits. 

As we all know that BPL is a type of ration card in which citizens which are below poverty line comes,  through this card that citizens get discount on ration card like rice, salt, kerosene etc. 

Himachal government launched some schemes like AAY for the BPL citizens, so that they can at least get some profits.  

Now the government had advanced the techniques now the citizens not got ration by showing the copy of ration card. Not the QR card no is scanned and then the ration is given.

This is done because as we all know that earlier many people who are ineligible had obtained the profits of BPL where as many eligible has not. So now the Government of Himachal Pradesh is taking steps to eradicate that problem.