Delhi BPL List 2019, Delhi Ration Card 2019, Delhi BPL Ration Card List

Delhi BPL List 2019, Delhi Ration Card 2019, Delhi BPL Ration Card List

DELHI BPL (below poverty line) list

Bpl is termed as below the poverty line. This is an economic benchmark which is set by the government through which the government can easily identify the people who are economically weaker. 


Bpl is a type of ration card which is distinguished by different colour. The colour of bpl card is yellow. 

Each family who is surviving in Delhi is eligible to bpl ration card. It determines the gained benefits. Mostly the families having less than 27,000 annual incomes are considered as eligible.

The documents required are as follows:

1. Aadhar card

2. Voter Identity card

3. Income certificate

4. Passport size photograph of family members.

It is a gross violation of human rights(It is said by Haryana human rights commission)

It is said so because Delhi bpl list is not updated from last 9 years. Human right commission of Haryana has directed to state’s chief secretary to submit the report of BPL within six weeks. 

As per the information, there are around 11.5 lakh BPL card holders in Haryana.

(Injustice to people below poverty line.)

As we know, that by the government the BPL list of last 9 years was pending which is an injustice to the poor.

Because of pending of BPL list since 9 years, the poor are deprived by the benefits which are a huge validation to poor human rights.

It has been also observed that 9 year was a long time in which fresh eligible candidates in the BPL list are not registered , because of which a lot of poor are deprived from the benefits of various government schemes.

Last survey (2007)

The last survey of bpl list was done in 2007. As per information we got from that survey 8, 58,389 rural households, which us around 27.17 percent of the total 31, 59,222 rural families , were below poverty line. 

Ways to get bpl card in Delhi

1. The person who want bpl card has to visit the official website of the departments of food supplies & consumer affairs of Delhi government.

2. If we want to apply for BPL (Ration card) we have to get a login to the portal to apply for bpl card.

 As we know, that the government of India issues different types of ration cards like BPL & APL. APL is for the people who are above the poverty line and BPL is for those who are below the poverty line. BPL is issued to those who have very less annual income or who are not able to earn like widows very old age people. There is no fixed age for this card. It depends upon the financial stage of family. 

Benefits of Delhi BPL list.

1. If we are applying for voter id, the photocopy of Ration card is necessary. 

2. In application of passport Ration card is also used

3. Through BPL card, poor people’s got many government schemes; children of their families got job firstly then others.

We can apply for BPL cards online also. Either the person is poor or rich they all are having ration cards. 

For applying online we firstly have to fill and submit the application form through food and supply office.

By the BPL ration card poor people get many facilities in many sectors, they got free medicines, treatments, groceries and allot of things.

Purpose of Ration card

1. As we know, that ration card is from one of the  very important legal documents of India which is used for verification of address & identification of a person.

2. It is also used when we apply for driving license , PAN card & these type of legal documents.

Ration is of 4 types

1. APL (Above poverty line): People whose annual income is less than 1 lakh are eligible to issue that ration card. It is white in colour.

2. BPL (Below poverty line) : Peoples whose annual income is less than 27,000 are termed as eligible for this card. It is yellow in colour.

3. AAY (Antyodya Anna Yojna) : This is for the people who are not able to earn. Landless farmers, uneducated widows, etc.

4. AY (Annapurna Yojna) : This is for the people who are more than the age of 65 . In this those people got 10 kg ration free every month.

Problems of fake ration cards.

In this, huge problems are arrived. Many people who are not eligible for ration card having the ration card whereas the families who are eligible and very poor are not having which is a big validation to poor’s.

But now the government is doing many efforts to resolve these problems. They are taking steps to prevent that type of corruption. Day by day the problems are resolving and corruption level is becoming low. 

Much type of schemes has been launched for poor people, so that they can get rid of their problems.

Delhi BPL List 2019, Delhi Ration Card 2019, Delhi BPL Ration Card List