Arunachal Pradesh BPL List 2019, Arunachal Pradesh BPL Ration Card List

        Arunachal Pradesh BPL List BPL Ration Card List

BPL (below the poverty line) category belong to those section of the society who does income is less than the minimum income set by the government. BPL card is also generated for those people who belongs to this group and government has also provided several schemes to provide some help to them.

         Government has also provided Ration Card so that people who can’t afford rashan i.e. food for their survival at market price can get it in minimum price. Government has provided different cards for different schemes such as BPL card, AAY card etc.

       In Arunachal Pradesh the poorest of poor people will get many benefits from government welfare. But for that some documents are required such as :

  1. Date of birth certificate.
  2. Address proof (Utility bills, passport etc.)
  3. Aadhar card
  4. Family group passport size photographs.
  5. For the government employees, the order for transfer form from the head of the office.
  6. Forms duly signed by H.O.D., H.G.B., Secretary, The village chief.


There are different types of cards which are issued by the government.

  1. BPL Card:

BPL families are issued with dark green cards. The annual income of less than Rs. 10000 Is issued to the native resident. Based on this ration card essential items to be provided to the people come at a very minimum cost.

  1. APL Card:

APL families are issued with pink ration card the original people having annual income above Rs.10000 are issued. This type of proportion does not make card holders eligible for any subsidy.

  1. AAY Card:

AAY families, are issued with yellow ration card. AAY cards are given to the poorest people in the state, and the subsidy and plan are different.

  1. AY Card:

Annapurna beneficiaries issued with light green ration cards. AY card is issued to the native people of 65 years old and to those whose conditions meet some predetermined conditions.


To apply new ration card there are some steps which has to be fulfilled by beneficiaries:

  1. The applicant has to visit Arunachal Pradesh Food and Civil supplier’s department official website.
  2. And then they have to click the “Forms” option given on the home page.
  3. And then applicant has to download the application form and click on the Application form link. Beneficiary can also get the application form of new ration card from the nearest Ration Card office.
  4. Applicant has to fill the form clearly and completely.
  5. Then applicant has to attach the necessary documents which are required by the government.
  6. Then the form has to be submitted in the nearest Ration card office and applicant has to make the payment of prescribed fee.
  7. After completing the steps a receipt will be issued to the applicant by whom they can know the application status of their application.

The BPL people category belongs to those people whose annual income is less than 27000/- per annum. People who are having annual income more than this are excluded from this category. And Arunachal Pradesh government has taken several steps to improve the condition of weaker section of the society. 

                    Arunachal Pradesh government has launched many schemes for the welfare of people such as Pradhan Mantri Surkhsha Bima Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana, and Atal Pension Yojana. This Schemes will bring many changes in the life of poor people as they will get some help from the government to survive because many people do not even have basic necessities.

But by launching this scheme Poor people will get some amount of social security which will help them and their families.  Government has also instructed banks to implement these schemes as soon as possible without any delay and they have to give pensions and money to poor people as instructed by the government.